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Critique My Day Job, Please.

If any of you have looked at my profile, (Holy shit I'm at 1000 followers) you'd see I'm the "Marketing Director" for Most of my day to day is doing what I can to drive users to the website. Being web developly inclined, that naturally turned into maintaining and adding features to the website. I didn't initially built the site, but at this point, there's not a part of the design that I haven't tweaked or worked on.

I would love your feedback on the site.

I'm not trying to get you to buy anything, I'm just trying to get your help so I can get other people to buy things.

I'd love any and all feedback you have on Layout, UX/UI, the fonts, the code, random bugs or literally anything. There are some things that are kind of hacky or bad practice, and if anyone finds anything like that, I'll gladly explain why I made those decisions (or I just suck, one of the two).

Thanks In Advance!

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I had a quick look (i'm viewing on safari)

Looks like roboto is the main font you're trying to use? I don't have this font installed locally - which is maybe why it looks ok to you but at the moment it looks like just a serif font. To fix this you'll want to make sure in the css you're defining @font-face for roboto with the correct urls. Also to prevent it from completely breaking, try using a font stack so it has something to fall back to. It might look something like body { font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif }

Check the console log, I'm getting issues related to cross origIn. You might need to talk to zonos or consult their api about this. There's also an error related to evaluating i.appendChild in there.

You might want to consider using srcsets for your images also. There are some wordpress plugins around that will resize your images from what I remember. srcset will decide which size the browser should use. This will help page loads, especially if someone is on mobile and using cellular. They don't need to load such a huge image. Conversely for large displays too, so images don't look super pixelated.

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Ross Henderson

Looks like someone beat me to the font problem. I would add some more accessibility features in place to protect that.

My main criticism other than that, and it may just be a preference, but I feel there's a lot of information on the front page that takes up a lot of room and probably doesn't need to be there. Reducing this content would also help with the site loading times.

Is there any reason you have CSS not included in an external stylesheet?

Other than that it looks alright, to my non-professional opinion. Get the font fixed and look at the loading times.