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Jacob Herrington (he/him)
Jacob Herrington (he/him)

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Lightning Fast Terminal File Manager

I've been using nnn for a few months now, and I can't overhype it.

It's a no-frills, super-fast file manager that runs in your terminal. It's open source and written in C.

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n³ The unorthodox terminal file manager

nnn - Supercharge your productivity!

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nnn () is a full-featured terminal file manager. It's tiny, nearly 0-config and incredibly fast.

It is designed to be unobtrusive with smart workflows to match the trains of thought.

nnn can analyze disk usage, batch rename, launch apps and pick files. The plugin repository has tons of plugins to extend the capabilities further e.g. live previews, (un)mount disks, find & list, file/dir diff, upload files. A patch framework hosts sizable user-submitted patches which are subjective in nature.

Independent (neo)vim plugins - nnn.vim, vim-floaterm nnn wrapper and nnn.nvim (neovim exclusive).

Runs on the Pi, Termux (Android), Linux, macOS, BSD, Haiku, Cygwin, WSL, across DEs or a strictly CLI env.

(there's more)


  • Quality
    • Privacy-aware (no unconfirmed user data collection)
    • POSIX-compliant, follows Linux kernel coding style
    • Highly optimized, static…

The Quickstart guide is excellent.

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Thomas Landin

Another option to consider: (NSFW language on the page).

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Stas Syritsyn

First time i see NSFW referring to language, not nudes. I do believe porn is not the best thing to spend time on at work, but language? Cmon, who even cares about language?

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Thomas Landin

I don't know where every member works, and I've worked in places where web filters would've caught that word.

Better safe than sorry.