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I eventually plan on building my personal website or portfolio... whatever you want to call it. I haven't because I have never felt the need too. How often has someone asked me about something I made? Too few. how often did they actually look at it after I pointed them towards one of those things? Nearly nil.

So why would I care about the personal website now? Great question, it isn't for the usual reasons. I recently learned about this concept of Digital Gardens at first I thought, "This is the same thing I already am doing..." Blogging (on Dev.to), Twitter, GitHub, etc... all feeding into the zeitgeist that is ME in tech.

Well, not so much, after looking at Joel Hooks Digital Garden it dawned on me, the potential for aggregating my thoughts, my ideas, my brainstorming and so much more in a completely abstract yet connected way is POWERFUL.

Does this mean no more Dev.to for me? Well no, I love this platform. Does it mean I will be blasting this platform with my nonsense and stream of consciousness on Dev.to? Definitely not, I would spare you all from that misery. I do plan on connecting some of what I do in my Digital Garden to this platform and others I listed, but you can think of what I bring from the Digital Garden to here as the harvested crop, the fully formulated ideas, and thoughts growing there.

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I'm not sure what distinguishes this idea from a regular blog with a few pinned articles?


did you read the article I referenced?


Here's another

Definitely one of my favorites from Twitter: twitter.com/Mappletons


did you read the article I referenced?

Yes, that's why I still had questions. I don't know what's the difference. I suppose you could say that it includes content from other sites, but you can whack that into a pinned article too?

Well, I suppose seeing the differences or as more than just a blog; can be subjective. I can't really elaborate better than Maggie Appleton or Joel Hooks did on the subject, I mean especially Appleton's elegant explanation and visualizations. However, if you don't see a difference or benefits than I am not sure what else to say shrugs


I should do this too! Thanks for enlightening me.


Awesome! Hope you tell me about it when it's done 😁