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Jacqueline Binya
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Where do my saved articles/blogs go?

Hello, Community

I'm a huge fan of, I read all sorts of tech articles but unfortunately sometimes because of time constraints I cannot read all the interesting blogs/articles I find on my feed. So I tend to click on the save option with the intent to read them later.

My question, where do I find those saved blogs/articles?

I have looked everywhere.


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it's in reading list. When you click your avatar in right corner you can see reading list section

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Jacqueline Binya Author

Thank you

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Mac Aliwanag

Thank you! :)

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William Antonelli

The Saved/Unicorn/Heart should have their own clearly marked areas. I actually had to search on google where my saved posts are.

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Ahmed M Hassan

This used to bother me as well. I think they should just rename the Reading list to Saved list....or something to that effect

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Robin Kartikeya Khatri

Thank you ❀