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The Top Code Editors, My Experience

jadenconcord profile image Jaden Concord ・2 min read

Picking an editor is not really about what editor has the best plugins, the best looks, the best features, it’s more about your developer style. Most editors already have all the plugins and themes that you could ever think of anyways.

You like things out of the box having all the tools at your disposal

If you’re a developer that likes to choose software and tools that give you the tools you need not having to installing much, then you should use Visual Studio. It is easily the most popular editor developed by Microsoft, many people really love Visual Studio while others find it bloated with all the tools and stuff.

Visual Studio preview Image

Simplicity! You like to start fresh and install what you need

Atom is the way to go if you want a fresh feel to the code editor with the ability to install advanced tools and extensions. Developed by GitHub, Atom creates an amazing experience simple, fresh and hackable plus amazing git integration. Some think that Atom is somehow bloated (I don’t know how they think that) while most views against Atom is that it doesn’t have the tools installed by default in Visual Studio.

Atom preview image

Fast, built in features, easy to use

If you are going for speed, Sublime is the way to go. It is significantly faster than both Visual Studio and Atom because it is an actual program and not a web app. Its got the basic tools and features installed by default and its easy to use. Drawbacks are the lack of extensions available and customizability. Sublime unfortunately proprietary software and you need to buy a license to use all the features.

Sublime preview image


If you live in the terminal because you are just that cool, you should try vim. There is even a bit of extensions to it and endless features to lean in vim.

Vim image preview

This is coming from my personal experience in each of these editors but let me know if there is something I am missing or is inaccurate.

Discussion (2)

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy

Lack of extensions for Sublime? I've never found this a problem, there are literally thousands

jadenconcord profile image
Jaden Concord Author • Edited

what I meant to say is that there are less extensions in Sublime than Atom or VS code not that there are little extensions for sublime which there are so many.

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