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Hello everyone,

I just started this new personal blog in English language using WordPress: http://www.joanalbamaldonado.com/blog/

Hopefully, I will have free time every now and then to publish about programming, retrocomputing, retrogaming, BeOS / Haiku OS, antique collecting, handicrafts, cinema, survivalism and some other hobbies I have, about personal experiences and opinions, etc.

Previously, many years ago, I also had two blogs which are now quite abandoned: CodΓ©ala otra vez, Sam (in Spanish) and La Mussi per sempre (in Catalan). I will try not to abandon this one… yet! ;)

If there is anyone reading this out there, thank you very much and feel free to drop a comment if you want, please.



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Add Anime to your list and I'll be hooked :-)
Congrats on your new blog. I've also recently started one, where I share my programming mistakes and also random stuff I assume might be interesting to others.
It's actually a very good idea to blog in English. Have fun!


retrocomputing, (...) BeOS / Haiku OS

I'm very much subscribing to your blog!

Welcome to DEV.


Thank you very much! It is nice to see other BeOS fans here

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