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5 great online tools

jamesdengel profile image James dengel ・1 min read

There is a wide range of online tools for making certain tasks (development or not) easier, I've found a few that I thought I would share.

RegEx : regex101
This site has really helped me design a few of the more complicated regex's and is a great tool for getting to grips with how they work. Cheat sheet and window for putting the content you want to regex.

Markdown: StackEdit
This site is great for giving me instant feedback on the markdown that I use for writing READMEs and wiki contents.

Mindmaps: MindMeister
Great for working with mindmaps, this is good for brain storming, very easy to use and work with.

Diagrams: Gliffy
Some of you might have run into this software as a plugin for confluence, I found it years ago and have watched it really refine itself in drawing diagrams easily and directly.

Sending Files: Drop Send
I've hit issues with Email stripping attachments or with file size try out drop send.

Anyone got any other suggestions ?

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Renato Suero

maybe it can be interesting to you send

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chayan banerjee

For diagrams you can use

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Ondrej • Edited for sending files via command-line.