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James George
James George

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A CLIfied portfolio experience powered by React

It was just another day after being from college and as usual I was messing around with GitHub until this one caught my eye, The Sindresorhus CLI. I was struck by the idea of having a CLIfied portfolio experience which made me to act immediately carving out mine:-

npx jamesgeorge-cli

Alt Text

I've used ink which allows us to build CLI's on top of React. The key difference you have to remember is that the rendering result isn't a DOM, but a string, which Ink writes to the output.

Be sure to check out the GitHub repo

I was thinking of writing yet another blog post in the form of a step by step tutorial on how you can build up yours. Leave down your thoughts down in the comments section 👍

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Jesse Robertson

Looks awesome! It'd be cool to have a guide showing us how to make our own