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Which physical book to learn JavaScript from for absolute beginners who only know HTML and CSS?

Hi. I am new. I know HTML/CSS and now trying to learn JavaScript. It would be my first ever "real" programming language. I would like some suggestions of books that teach from bottom-up, from the basics all the way up to more advanced things.

I searched up beginner books but many of them seem to assume one or more of (A) You know the basics of JavaScript (B) You are a programmer coming to JavaScript from some other language (C) You know the fundamentals of programming. Some books for instance that operate under these assumptions or are too terse for me are Eloquent JavaScript, The Good Parts, You Don't Know JS, Speaking JS, The Definitive Guide. My aim is to be able to learn React/Angular after learning JS and be able to build web apps and websites.

What physical print book recommendation would you thus give to a complete novice to programming and JavaScript (I don't know the fundamentals of programming and don't know any programming language or JavaScript) who only has HTML/CSS basics down? The book should start from the absolute fundamentals/basics of JavaScript and follow ES6 or later and thus published after June 2015 (recent) when ES6 was finalized.

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