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Why Pick Kotlin Over Java for Your Android App Development?

Android App Development - Which Framework Suits the Best?

In the past few years, if the developers were asked which language they prefer the most for Android app development, the answer would be the same for everyone - Java. Back then, Java was the king and the only language ruling the Android app development industry. Many of the most popular applications are designed and developed using Java.

As we all know, technology is attaining new heights each day and each hour. This led to the advent of a lot of newer frameworks supporting efficient Android app development. There began the less popular Java. 

Among the newly emerged frameworks, Kotlin seems more functional, powerful, and easy to use compared to other frameworks including Java for Android app development. Java is still an official programming language yet Kotlin is winning the game continuously with its concise and feature-packed development tools. To develop smart, simple, and advanced applications that stand superior to the existing apps, there is no better choice than Kotlin.

Let us try to understand what are the other major reasons for Kotlin’s striding success and why it is preferred over the former Android app development king “Java”. 

Reasons to Go For Kotlin Over Java For Android App Development?

Kotlin’s advantages are capable of outweighing the setbacks in other frameworks which is why every Android app development company is striving to adopt Kotlin usage. It can allow developers to build lightweight and API-rich Android applications effortlessly. Let us dive into some of the reasons justifying the same.

#1 Interoperability
Kotlin is completely compatible with Java. It can easily use Java information with easy exchange processes. This is regarded as one of the biggest conveniences of using Kotlin. Your project need not be modified to Java entirely. Instead, Kotlin provides you with tools and framework capabilities that allow the addition of Java features in Kotlin.

Migrating your Java project becomes as easy as a pie with Kotlin. 

#2 More Concise Than Java
Easy coding, simple functionalities, reduced lines of code are all honey to developers’ ears. And Kotlin gives the developers the leisure of all of these. The biggest benefit of Kotlin is its ability to solve business problems through creating Android apps with fewer lines of code. This reduces unwanted experience crashes with the translation of code to reliable code. The code will be easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to read, and easy to apply modifications.

With all these advantages and Kotlin features such as data classes, type interface, smart casts, properties, Kotlin serves as an efficient framework for app development with extreme code conciseness.  

#3 Clear and Safe Coding
Clear simple coding leads to safe and secure coding. Common coding errors and bugs will be completely eliminated with Kotlin’s clear coding. Its coding is more compact and cautious that it alerts the developers whenever a potential bug arises.

Kotlin allows Android developers to develop robust applications with the most stabilized code reducing the possible number of system failures. 

#4 Smart Compilers
Kotlin’s effective compilers have the ability to detect errors in the compile-time itself rather than in runtime. Since the code is already concise, the possibilities of errors will be very limited and even if one arises, it will be easily spotted and rectified using the smart compilers of Kotlin.

By following a “fail-fast” principle, it checks the app code in the compile-time and eliminates runtime errors and the number of bugs in the code thereby reducing the development and bug-fix time. 

#5 Ease of Maintenance
Since Kotlin supports a wide range of IDEs including Android Studio, it serves as an efficient “one-stop language” for the development of any Android application for any sector. The development tools integrated into Kotlin are well-tested and scalable. This makes coding comfortable with easy scalability and maintenance of code. 

#6 Boosted Productivity
Kotlin by nature helps in the productivity of developers. The concise code, intuitive syntax, and clear coding are the factors that sum up to provide this advantage. With few lines of coding, the development time is lessened thereby reducing time-to-market and thereby supporting upscaled maintenance and scalability aspects.

Kotlin boosts the developers’ productivity with other features in code which are extension functions, parameter values, and object declarations. These powerful code features speed up the development of Android applications resulting in robust apps in less time. 

#7 Improved Performance
Kotlin lets you joggle with many functional concepts and provides better functional programming. With the incorporation of inlining in the development environment, the application’s performance will be remarkably high.

That is why Kotlin-built applications are of improved performance, rich in features, and provide a sophisticated user experience. 

#8 Nullability Issue Handling
Nullability is one of the unfixed issues in Java which is efficiently addressed in Kotlin. Kotlin places the null right in the type system, thus,  preventing the nullability issues. 

The Future of Kotlin in App Development
With major support from Google and JetBrains, and top brands starting to adopt Kotlin over Java for Android app development, Kotlin is here to stay and widely increase its user numbers.

It provides a notable opportunity for developers to work with modern programming tools and proves itself to be the most useful and efficient programming language for Android app development. The bottom line is that Kotlin is setting standards for developing ANdroid applications with its dynamic tools and coding ease. 

Closing Thoughts
From the above-mentioned reasons and information, it is evident that Kotlin is capable of becoming more popular than Java for Android app development.

It is expected that Kotlin will become more developer-friendly in the upcoming years, offering a pathway for creating more engaging and feature-rich Android applications with a user-friendly interface. Now that you know Kotlin serves the best and it is better to pick it for Android app development, your next work is to nail down the Android app development company offering the best Kotlin app solutions in the market.

So, take a spin, leverage the unmatchable advantages of Kotlin over Java, partner with an efficient Android app development company with experienced Kotlin developers, implement the feature set, and take your business to the next level with a Kotlin-backed Android application.

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Kotlin is a great choice when it comes to Android app development. With its enhanced features and faster development time, it can be a great tool for any Android app development company. It has a modern syntax, which is easy to learn, and provides better productivity than Java. Additionally, it is more concise, secure, and supports functional programming.

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Micky Joseph

Helpful information.