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HASP dongle emulator

Put simply, a USB security dongle is a small gadget you can connect to your computer’s port and instantly get access to some protected hardware or software. More’s the pity, using them on a daily basis is not free from shortcomings:

  • All modern computers, especially laptops, have very few USB ports. Sometimes, that’s just not enough to plug in another license key that you need to launch that app you can’t follow up with your project.
  • Some software distributors only supply one or two dongles with every license. If you have a sizable staff, having to share those keys will become a real problem. Plus, you’re going to spend a small fortune for replacements, every time one (or both) of those is damaged or just somehow disappears into thin air.
  • Accessing a USB security dongle from a virtual environment also involves some difficulties. Very few guest operating systems come with a built-in function that can help you connect to USB devices plugged into the host machine’s ports.

The good news is, all of these issues and many more can be easily resolved by applying HASP dongle emulator software.

The most convenient app for dongle emulation

If you’re after an easy-to-use failsafe dongle emulator, download Donglify. With its aid, you can make a HASP key accessible from multiple users’ PCs in parallel, and from about anywhere, as long as that place has network coverage. Best of all, dongle emulation is perfectly legal and has absolutely nothing to do with any sort of cracking or unauthorized copying.

Being a topline dongle emulator for HASP keys, Donglify creates fully functional virtual copies of a USB device you can attach to a whole host of remote operating systems, both real and virtual. Also, it is compatible with every dongle brand on the market, and specifically with all HASP security models.

Caution! Don’t risk losing your license trying to crack a security dongle or make illegal copies. We strongly encourage going with fair virtual copies, created by dedicated dongle emulsion software, e.g. Donglify.

Keep on reading and you’ll find out how easy it is to use this specific dongle HASP emulator.

Easy and quick USB dongle key emulatio

Donglify interface

With Donglify, emulating a USB dongle key will only take you a few simple steps:

  1. Start with signing up for your own Donglify account on the official website.

  2. Then download the app and install it both on the machine that is directly connected to a security key (server) and on all the client PCs or virtual guest systems that you want to have an emulated copy of that key.

  3. Run Donglify on the server and use your login credential to enter your account.

  4. Once you click the “+” icon, you’ll see a list of shareable local USB devices. Find the security key you need and click “Share” next to its name. After that, the security dongle becomes available for emulation on every remote PC that needs it.

  5. Now, run the app and log into your account on a client machine or guest OS. Find your key on the list and click “Connect” next to its name.

That’s it! From this point on, the dongle key appears in the Device Manager of a remote PS or the guest OS, like if it was connected to that machine directly.

Some top-of-the-league dongle options
Donglify has no limits as to the brand or model of supported dongle keys. Still and all, we’ve prepared this the best of the best list for you to start out strong.

Sentinel HL Pro

Sentinel HL Pro

The Sentinel HL Pro is known and loved for its top-tier security level. On top of that, it comes with a read-only memory and performs onboard read/write operations.

Main specs:

  • Up to 64,000 AES encryption keys to use.
  • Over 39 features or apps can be protected with a single key.
  • 32 and 64-bit Windows-compatible ApOnChip (with upgrades).
  • 3 cryptographic algorithms: AES 128, ECC 163, and RSA 2048.
  • SmartCard chip for extra speed and efficiency.
  • Remote firmware upgrades for the field devices.
  • Complete match with the Sentinel HASP dongle emulator (i.a. Donglify).


Sentinel HASP HL dongle

The Sentinel HASP HL Pro is a multi-platform security dongle prevalently used for licensed software protection.

Main specs:

  • Over 39 features or apps protected with a single key.
  • Works in Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • 128-bit AES encryption.
  • Remote firmware upgrades for the field devices.
  • 112 bytes of protected memory with 3 config options: protected read/write, read-only, and backward compatibility.

SafeNet eToken 5110

SafeNet eToken 5110 dongle

The SafeNet eToken 5110 with its two-factor authentication is widely used by electronic commerce companies to secure their online and network assets, and comply with data security and privacy regulations.

Main specs:

  • No reader device is needed for portable USB tokens.
  • Digital signatures and pre-boot authentication for enhanced security.
  • 2 versions: Common Criteria and FIPS-certified.
  • Secure access to remote digital assets.
  • Can be used with no technical knowledge or specific training.

CodeMeter CmStick

CodeMeter CmStick dongle

The CodeMeter CmStick has 328 Kb of memory and can store multiple licenses at the same time. Mostly used in scenarios when a host of license-protected apps are distributed by the same company as a package deal.

Main specs:

  • Infineon SLM97 smart card chip.
  • Hyperstone U9 flash controller for robust data protection.
  • Patented hymap firmware to ensure zero power loss.
  • Encrypted CmSecureDisk partition for software-generated and config data protection.
  • Full compatibility with CodeMeter dongle emulator (i.a. Donglify).

Aladdin HASP4 Dongle

Aladdin HASP Dongle

Aladdin HASP Dongle was originally created for Parallel Ports (LPT) and is still extremely popular with software developers, e.g. Time Limit and Module Definition, that use those dongles as MCU chips and EPROOM.

Key features of Aladdin HASP Dongle Emulator:

  • Digitally signed for smooth functioning in 64 bit Windows systems.
  • If there is a Time Limit, it can be removed completely.
  • All modules connected to the dongle will be defined in the software you use.
  • Optional hardware reproduction. ( Hardware Clone ).
  • Aladdin USB dongle emulator is compatible with VMWare, Virtualbox, etc.

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