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Discussion on: Create:Frontend - Let's talk about static web apps!

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Jan Schenk (he/him) • Edited on

Hey friends,
My name is Jan. My colleagues @nitya , @truckerfling , @crisgherrero and I are here to take care of you all. We are the Code of Conduct Team for Create:Frontend.

If you agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct while Create:Frontend takes place (and until 24h later) please LIKE this post. We want to feel your consent. <3

If you want to report a violation against our Code of Conduct, please drop us a note here (reply to this comment) and we will get in contact with you immediately. Don’t share details in your post, we’ll take care of that via Direct Messages (DMs).

We’re here to help.
Jan, for the Create:Frontend Code of Conduct Team