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Jay Pick
Jay Pick

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Side project sees the light of day πŸš€

I built a CSS grid layout tool using React.

The primary motivation for building, despite there being several other tools like this, was two-fold: I wanted to build something that I would use myself (and therefore others would hopefully find useful, too) and just for the fun of the challenge!

This is currently at MVP stage, so there are lots of potential features to be added in the near future. Would be interested to see what you guys think and of course, any feedback would be great.

Cheers! 🀘

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Kamil Trusiak

Nice tool.

There is a little problem with labels, when setting max-width:

Image description

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Jay Pick

Good spot! Thanks

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Viney Rawat

That is really awesome. Would like to build as my side project πŸ˜…πŸ‘

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Juan F Gonzalez

Great job mate πŸ‘

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Ben Halpern

Very clean