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Internal Project Contribution - Release 0.3


Open source refers to source code that is made available to the public to view, use, modify, and distribute under a license. Although the main point of open source projects is to create valuable and accessible open source software, individual contributors can get plenty of personal benefit from contributing to them Projects: IPC144&telescope

First Issue :

Audit and fix Issue #1


  1. Found multiple typos and fixed them.
  2. Fixed uppercase letter to suit all other heading letters.
  3. Multiple warnings running lighthouse
  4. Multiple warnings running Web Hint
  5. correct use of bacticks
  6. correct use of syntax highlighting, not for outputs to make it look different.
  7. Accessibility tested!
  8. fixed heading errors
  9. Improve readability of code comments
  10. Fixed Frontmatter for the page to include proper id, title, slug, etc.


Image description
Auditing and fixing .md file made me use different
Web Hint:

Second Issue :

Improve dark mode code colours Issue #2
This issue was about enabling dark mode colour for syntax highlighting according the toggle click and the issue was not resolved due to wrong implementation. However, it is important to learn the importance of open source development. I made a draft pull request for other to review and help me find the right solution. I will keep working on it until the real solution is found.


Contributing towards open source projects helps the community and your peers get to know you. This recognition can bring you a lot of opportunities in your career. It helps you learn more about a project. It improves your coding skills.

Pull requests

PR #1
PR #2



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