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Hello, My name is Japneet Singh. I am taking this course OSD 600 to get knowledge on Open Source and working with others. Historically, It was developed in 1998 as an educational, advocacy, and stewardship organization at this important moment in the history of collaborative development.

I have gained little knowledge about Open Source that this helps contribute to one another's projects and also to Work within the open source community. Not to forget to give others credit when they offer help and be open to helping others.

I am currently living in Toronto, Ontario. I am international student from India. I cam here two years ago. I worked as System Support Officer at Tribunals Ontario during my Co-op Term. I met DPS909/OSD600 community which is like meeting new people from different origins getting together to do something fruitful this semester.

Well, I am hoping to get practical experience on working under development team and not only do coding, but trying to communicate and express my ideas. This would generally help to listen to others about the work I have been doing myself.
I have researched about different projects in git but the one I really liked is Contributing to the content of MDN Web Docs.
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I have been personally using these webpages during my early stages of learning web developments and now becoming part of it. It is great feeling and and would like to contribute like others to make it more better for new developers.

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