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CodeLand was last week here are some of my favorite bits from the conference.

Musical Lessons for Engineering teams

The opening Keynote was "Musical Lessons for Engineering teams" Helen Hou-Sandi described how music teachers give feedback to students of various experience levels. She equated this to software feedback and how different skill levels needed different types of feedback to produce better code.
She played piano to beautifully illustrate her points. This was a great talk.
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You're not an Imposter, You're a Life-Long Learner

PJ Metz's talk focused on fighting imposter syndrome. in his humorous talk he said imposter syndrome is when you believe that you can't code well or don't know what you are doing. He explains that well you do know what you are doing. you may not know the solution to your current problem. That doesn't mean you can't code. It means you are learning how to code for the current problem.
As a developer you will always be learning.
On demand version of talk

The talks were prerecorded and streamed. So you could watch at anytime or watch the live streamed version and chat with the presenter and other attendees as the talk aired. After the talked aired there live panels with groups of presenters.

These talks are from day one of CodeLand. On day two, I woke up sick. I did the things I had to do for the day then watched for a while but I couldn't focus. I'm feeling better now and will catch up later this week. There were some I really wanted to see.

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Nick Taylor

I’m glad you enjoyed the talks Chris and that you’re feeling better now. There were lots of great talks on day two as well, so definitely check them out! 😎