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Hello World!

Welcome to my DEV blog. I'm Chris Jarvis, a front end developer in Nashville, TN. I go by JarvisScript on social media. You may have seen me on Twitter or CodeLand:Distributed. This was my first year to attend CodeLand.
I have an underused blog JarvisScript with my personal site, To encourage me to use it more often, I will post, there and here on DEV simultaneously. My first few posts here will be refactors from my JarvisScript blog. Then I will add new posts. I haven't set my schedule yet.

The following is from my first post on JarvisScript.

It's a common practice to code the phrase "Hello World!", to the screen the first time you use a new language or program. Here's how "Hello World!" is created in a few languages. Do you recognize these languages?

<title>Hello World!</title>

<H2>Hello World!</h2>

console.log("Hello World!")
print ("Hello World!")
print "Hello World!"
Console.WriteLine("Hello World"!)
def index():
return "Hello World!"

  1. git add HelloWorld.html
  2. git commit -m "Hello World!"
  3. git push

See you on DevDiscuss or Codenewbies twitter chats.

-$JarvisScript git push

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