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Connecting now...

One of the thing that was stressed while I was learning to code was to network. We were encouraged to attend meet ups and have coffee with developers.
But how you do that when meet up are cancelled and there's limited dine-in allowed?

I haven't been inside a restaurant since March. I don't plan dinning in for the foresee able future. Pull mask down to eat. Pull mask up as server approaches. Also being aware that I'm making servers, cooks, and staff wear masks and face shields. If you can be in person go online.

Take meetings online.

The tech community was quick to transition to Online meetings. The local Nashville meet ups moved online rather fast. I'veto attended local meeting that I never could attended before due to distance or timing.

I also got to attend meetings and seminars that I wouldn't have been able to travel to in person. I attended CodeLand Distributed back in July. Never would have done that in person. Bonus my son got to watch part of it. He help battle Roombas in an online demo.

Another first attended a convention in first pajamas. The conference was on a Saturday. I slept in then took a long breakfast. It was time for the opening Keynote so I logged on. I watched the keynote settled in to learn and it was midday before I realized I hadn't changed. at that point why bother.
I know many people have done this the during pandemic but I usually change in the mornings. It helps me transition to my frame of mind. More importantly in the evening it helps transition back to sleep mode.

New Friends

I've joined Virtual Coffee, a group founded during the pandemic to give people a networking and friendship outlet. It was this group that helped me complete HacktoberFest for the first time.

New Events

There are some new events that have popped up since people still want to connect TDevConf and Southern Dev Fest which is tomorrow November 7. SouthernDevFest. It's free so sign up.

How are you staying connected now?

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Kirk Shillingford

Thanks for sharing Chris. Big agree on the digital networking. I have also attended a ton of things I've would've never had the opportunity to do otherwise.