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Hacktober Fest

Chris Jarvis
Fullstack developer with a passion for UX.
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I just registered for Hacktoberfest. Hacktoberfest is an Open source software event. It run the month of October. The event by Digital Ocean an DEV promotes the open source community.
Anyone can sign up, contribute to project and earn a Tee-shirt or have a tree planted.
I signed up last year and started looking for issues. I found a repo looking for come to print "Hello World" in various languages. I knew some they needed I submitted a pull request and it was approved. But it wasn't October yet so it didn't count towards Hacktoberfest Goals. But I got some open source commits in and that was fun.
When October hits things here got busy. I was prepping then traveling for an art faire. and I never got to code for outside projects. No shows this year so I have some time. I joined with some other coders to help keep me accountable to work on stuff.

Have you ever participated in Hacktoberfest?

What was it like?

sign up here

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charkinsdevelopment profile image
Cory Harkins

I'm pretty confused trying to get pull requests submitted.

I've sent a few to my own public repos and accepted them.
I've sent a few to other public repos and those have been accepted.

My progress meter hasn't changed.

Any ideas why?

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