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How to respond to recuiters?

The Free How To Respond To Recuiters Report

*With so many places trying to sell you something, I totally get it. We all need to make a buck someway or another. But for those that struggle with basic things like tying your shoes, but are a guru in your Software Engineering journey, fear no more! I got you! *
There has been countless times where I've hit the imposter syndrome from time to time. Never really accepting my abilities in just about everything I do. Most of that comes from my adolescent years, always trying to prove myself to be better than myself. Always wanting to be #1, but always fell short because I can. lol Id rather be #2 or a B+, leaves improvement for growth.

With growth in mind, I found myself researching for content that would help me as I look for 'constant' work. Yes, I strongly suggest that you keep on reaching for new work. Even when you have landed a new job, look for another. You will never know when you may get a better and better job offer. Just about everywhere I've worked, when working for somebody, be a super quick learner, take notes if you have too, document your path, your experiences, and issues you may face to help remind you of what is important. But keep filling your "funnel". By filling your funnel your always ready to have something ready if something else comes your way. And there are countless reasons why by doing it this way it will serve you in the long run.

Think about it this way.

We complain that our employers only see us as a number.. Well, Im going to see myself as a number too! And my number is $250k a year. Not $40k dealing with your shit. Anywhere i've worked, if I felt that I wasnt going to get along with somebody or if the project I was working on had clients that were picky, I raised my rates by 50%. YUP! If this people are willing to pay me 50% more than what they think they want to pay me, then i'll be willing to deal with them for a 50% increase! Its that simple. Business is Business. Same goes for alot of things. Thats just the way it is. I read an interesting book called "The Road Less Travelled" by Scott Peck; this Dr has already passed away but he left some really great knowledge for me to learn, something that I needed to learn. You should go check it out! I highly recommend it! But you'll only need the first page. I gaurantee it!

Corresponding With Recuiters

These are all examples, templates I've found useful and found online accidently when I would find myself searching for good response emails.

  • If a recuiter messages you first, respond back to them this way.
Hi [Name],

Thank you for reaching out. I don’t believe that we’ve been in
touch before, so it’s great to connect.

I would love to setup a time to chat with you, today or in the
very near future. What is your email, so I can send you my 
current resume so you can learn more about me, my skills and

I look forward to speaking with you.


(Your Name)

(contact email info)
(contact cell # info)
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Thing to remember when writing emails

  1. Know your objective/topic/discussion
  2. Keep it Super Simple (KISS)
  3. Do not get emotional in your messages
  4. Do not message thumbs up, or lol emojis

There are also many reasons why you want to keep it simple. In Simple terms, just write them this way. If in the event you need to access or review, or even share those emails; you wont be stuck with sharing emails of unprofessional to whomever you need too.

  • Another way to respond to a recuiter.

Hi [Name],

Thank you for reaching out. I don’t believe that we’ve been in touch before, so it’s great to connect.

I’ve set-up an appointment to chat with you during the second half of next week. Also, I’ve attached a copy of my latest resume so that you can learn more about me.

I look forward to speaking with you.


(Your Name)

(contact info)

You get the gist. Ill be updating this as time goes on. Hope this helps you in some way.


Marketing Yourself
The Road Less Travelled

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