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What actually is React State?

State is a weird concept to wrap your head around. But I hope this short read will help you conceptualize this core concept.

Key takeaway

React state makes it so that when your state data changes, React triggers a re-render of your components, which then updates the DOM accordingly.

So as a developer, you won't have to worry about getting the right elements to change the DOM because React will handle that.

Getting started with state

Setting the initial state

This can be done with a constructor of like this:

state = {
    toggleOn: true
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Updating the state

State can be updated with setState. Never update state directly with state =

this.setState{toggleOn: false}
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How it all comes together

class Toggle extends React.Component {
state = {
  toggleOn: true

  handleClick= () => {
    this.setState(prevState => ({
      toggleOn: !prevState.toggleOn

  render() {
    return (
      <button onClick={this.handleClick}>
        {this.state.toggleOn ? 'ON' : 'OFF'}

  <Toggle />,
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Difference between State and Props

  • Any data your components use will accessed in state or in props
  • State is internally maintained (rather than being passed in like prop)
  • State lets us update the information in a component without requiring its parent to somehow send updated information
  • You initial state in the constructor

If you're still confused, below is a (very) simplified test for determining if a component should have state. Start by understanding what isn't/doesn't have state

no state
  • if a component is passed its data through its props, that piece of data should not be in the state
  • if a component/data remains unchanged over time, it doesn't need/isn't state
  • if a component holds data, it may have state
  • if a component sets data for its child components, it may have state

Here is a great article with a more depth look at React state

Top comments (3)

wanzulfikri profile image
wanzulfikri • Edited

Thank you for the introductory article.

With the introduction of Hooks, it’s probably best to mention that the syntax for state management differs in Functional and Class Components.

And regarding “never update state directly with” this.state =, it’s worthwhile giving a slightly detailed explanation like this one.

jasterix profile image

Thanks for the headsup. I haven't reviewed hooks yet, but I think it will be worth an update to either this post or a new one once I get there

With each blog post, I want to provide a 1 min summary of each React concept as I learn it. Do you see anything else that's either wrong or worth additional exploration?

wanzulfikri profile image

No worries, I’m a relative beginner as well and just sharing what I know.

I’m not experienced enough to point out additional mistake or exploration.

Keep up the good work doing the summaries.

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