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Code the future and now

We know how to write code to do something now. What about code to do something tomorrow, or next year? Sometimes we use batch jobs. But as business grows, our "overnight" batch job starts finishing around lunch time. As we expand to new regions, we realise there is no "night". And it's only a matter of time before we make a change and break a batch job we forgot existed. What if tomorrow's code could live in the same place as today's code? What if it all looked the same? What if we could scale it all the same way?

Join Adam and discover how to embrace the future in the code we write now. Learn how to capture requirements as first class business logic, and avoid relegating them as second class citizens of the batch job world. Take a deep dive into techniques which combine off the shelf products with fundamental computer science.

Where we're going... we don't need batch jobs.

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