Need Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

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Ben Halpern

I think the "chat interface" space is ripe for development. It's less "hot" than it was a little while back. I think people realized that it's hard to do general-purpose chat. But I think it's a great medium to niche-down and try to deliver a chat bot that is a single-area expert.

Example: A chat interface for the Can I Use data could be pretty fun to me. I ask it "which browsers support service workers?" and it would tell me the answer.

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Aswath KNM

If you want a simple idea , Parse news paper articles about a certain topic and compile a story

Complex one : When self driving cars uses multi sensors for self driving . Tesla uses mostly cameras . Use that in a toy car

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Jake Casto

I suggest an AI that creates and controls other AI's. I'm ready for robots to overthrow humanity :)

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Alex Miasoiedov

There are a lot of projects for an inspiration on Kaggle