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Keywords in Dart

Knowledge of keywords is also important. As we cannot use it as Identifiers (Although in some cases we can. But let’s follow the best practices).

Keywords have a special meaning in the language.

Reserved Words

  • Following are the reserved words in a dart. These reserved words cannot be used as identifiers.

Contextual Keywords

  • These keywords have meaning only in specific places. In other places, they are valid identifiers.

Built-in Identifiers

  • These keywords are valid identifiers in most places, but they can’t be used as class or type names, or as import prefixes.

  • await and yield are newer words added after Dart’s 1.0 release. And cannot be used as an identifier in any function body marked with async, async*, or sync*.

These all are keywords of a dart. That you need to know as a developer. Don’t use any one of these as an identifier (Although you can. Just take it as my personal tip☺️)

Feel free to let me know if I miss something. And I’ll surely catch you up in next article.

Till Then Keep Coding, Keep Loving.

Remember no teacher, no book, no video tutorial, or no blog can teach you everything. As one said Learning is Journey and Journey never ends. Just collect some data from here and there, read it, learn it, practice it, and try to apply it. Don’t feel hesitate that you can’t do that or you don’t know this concept or that concept. Remember every programmer was passed from the path on which you are walking right now. Remember Every Master was Once a Beginner. Work hard and Give your best.

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