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Types of Artificial Intelligence

We are working on Artificial Intelligence since the 1940s, So we can say that AI is very broad technology and it has a really big inherited history. Basically, Artificial Intelligence can be split into three main categories. Which is based on its intelligence level:

  1. Narrow Artificial Intelligence
  2. General Artificial Intelligence
  3. Super Artificial Intelligence

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow AI is the form of Artificial Intelligence that humans achieved so far. This is the kind of AI that we all see around us today. Narrow Artificial Intelligence is kind of an AI which is focused on the particular narrow task. This kind of AI system is basically designed for solving particular one kind of problem like filtering spam email or playing chess etc.

Narrow AI is work within a very limited context. This kind of AI is master in performing the one task for which it is designed. But if you give it any other task, it will not able to perform it. For example, The AI designed for playing chess is the master in playing that, but it cannot play any other games.

Some real-world examples of Narrow Artificial Intelligence:

  • In Video Games like (The Last of us, F.E.A.R, Minecraft,), etc.
  • In Personal Assistant like (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana) etc.
  • In Sales Prediction System like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc.
  • To understand faces and objects in Google Photos.
  • To Predict Weather forecast.
  • To Predict diseases damage created by Google.
  • Travel time prediction in Google and Apple Maps.
  • Flagging inappropriate content on social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • To Predict smart replies in Gmail and Google Message.

Gmail Smart Replies

Gmail Spam Filter

Google Maps

Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence is very different and it can be the most complex invention of the entire human history. Artificial General Intelligence is human-level AI. Which means “The machine that is as capable as a human”. As humans can do planning, understanding things and objects, learn new things, put our own intelligence to perform certain tasks, etc. When the AI is able to perform that all tasks then it is called Artificial General Intelligence.

Artificial General Intelligence is a type of adaptable intelligence found in humans. A flexible form of intelligence capable of learning how to carry out vastly different tasks. This is a sort of AI most commonly seen in the movies like The Terminator, Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc. But Artificial General Intelligence is not present yet. Today AI experts are fiercely divided over how soon it will become reality.

A survey conducted among four groups of experts in 2012/2013 by AI researchers reported that there is a 50% chance that the Artificial General Intelligence would be developed between 2040 to 2050. But there are certain peoples who still think that Artificial General Intelligence is centuries ahead.

But the more we dig into it, the more we realize how hard it is to implement a human brain in the computer and more we appreciate the miracle behind the human brain.

At the end, we can just say that it’s too hard to predict what and how much the Artificial General Intelligence would create an impact on our future.

Artificial Super Intelligence

According to AI expert Nick Bostrom, when AI becomes much smarter than humans in every field like science, maths, engineering, arts, planning, understanding, social skills and the creation of new things, at that point we have achieved the Artificial Super Intelligence.

Now if we talk about the upgradation from Artificial General Intelligence to Artificial Super Intelligence then it can happen in one week, or one month or even can happen in a blink of your eyes.

Some scientist such as Stephen Hawking sees the development of full AI as the end of humanity. While others believe that as becomes smarter it will be more helpful for humans for solving big problems like environmental pollution, curing diseases, explore the universe, and reduce the crime rates, etc.

Implementation of AI is endless, it is definitely the biggest revolution in entire human history, this is just a starting…

That’s it for today guys. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more content.

Till then Keep Coding, Keep Loving.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram 🇮🇳

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mrainamikityk profile image
Mrain Mikityuk

Yes, you are absolutely right, artificial intelligence (AI) can revolutionize many aspects of our lives, from healthcare to transportation. There are several types of AI, from machine learning to deep learning to natural language processing. Each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, so it is important for businesses to understand the different types before investing in any particular artificial intelligence technology.

whitesuperbapple profile image
Apple Seed

Absolutely right! It is perfect to divide the AI into narrow artificial intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and artificial super intelligence.
I think, to build the artificial general intelligence and higher level intelligence (artificial super intelligence), it needs to develop the new computer made at very difference perspective than now. (maybe even that will not called as computer!) I know there are many attempts to develop new kinds of process unit that is best fit to the artificial intelligence brain functions.