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Jay Baldha
Jay Baldha

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A developer is a developer(It doesn't matter which technology you choose)

Development is tricky and we need daily motivation to be a developer as it can be a bit boring many times.
After working as a game developer before using Unity engine and c# and now working in React, I realized that we should stick to one thing and focus on projects and features rather than language. The only thing that matters is we should understand the core of developing i.e. for me is problem solving.

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Sanket Patel

True! It's the beauty of the whole programming world. One may find confusing while starting but, if we pick one stream and stick to it, there is whole lot of opportunities out there for all.

In addition, there are frequent updates in all languages and frameworks. So experienced are not always experienced in this world unless they keep themselves updated. At the same time, the beginners can grab those opportunities and make their voice heard.

Can't wait to see what you build!