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Chrome extensions for developers to enhance productivity.

This is the tailored list of extensions which I use almost on daily basis. These extension have helped me over time to increase productivity and get the best out of my time. I am sure some of these extensions will be helpful to you too.

1. Vimium

This extension is for all the Vim fans out there who like Vim’s navigation system. The extension will allow you to navigate browser like you navigate Vim. You will be able to scroll with h, j, k and l keys. Along with navigation, this also provide many handy shortcuts which will add on to the philosophy of not using your mouse/trackpad.

2. Pomodoro

Pomodoro Technique is a time management method. This method breaks time into intervals and allocate tasks in that interval (traditionally 25 mins of tasks). The technique really helps when you have many ad-hoc tasks at hand and eventually those ad-hoc tasks eat up your all the available attention for the day. This will help you focus on the interval on the assigned task.

3. Octotree

If you are heavy Github user, you might already be aware of this extension. This extension makes Github code review and exploration sleek and easy. Creators call this extension — GitHub on steroids.

4. Webtime Tracker

As the name suggests, this simple app tracks the websites you use on daily basis and provide you visual view on the time you spent across websites. This app helps you analyse the usage pattern and eventually helps us figure out if we are using our time wisely.

5. Todoist

This one app is pretty popular among Developer/Non-Developer community both. Talking about free version of this app, we can simply add the tasks we want to finish with a deadline, and this app will make sure to remind you if you overshoot the deadline. I liked it above other apps because of its simple design and not much of fuss in getting started.

6. Session Buddy

This app can be saviour when all hell breaks loose on your working machine. This extension saves session with all the open tabs. You can manually save the session, or it will automatically keep on saving the session in regular intervals. This app really comes in handy when your machine gets stuck or for some reason you have to do hard restart of your machine, this app will make sure to save your work for you.

7. Json Viewer

We all know some products which we use, but don’t notice in our life, and that’s their best compliment. Json Viewer is one such extension, If you job requires for you to work with JSONs, this extension will help your brain process the JSON quickly without using external products. This extension will detect the JSON in response and provide a indented view by itself without any manual trigger.

8. Epoch Time Converter

You will like this straight forward app, if your daily work requires you to work with Epoch times. I created this app as I couldn’t find one which is offline, simple and doesn’t do heavy processing unnecessarily.

Have a great day ☕ :)

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