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Thinking the VIM way

Ever thought of giving VIM a shot and gave couple of days learning its commands, but forgot most of it just a couple of days after it.

If this happened with you, we share the phase. I gave VIM couple of attempts before I could answer the the whys and hows of VIM.

How I could get hang of the VIM is, by eventually reading about the philosophy and learning the building blocks, rather than directly jumping to commands.

To make it easier for you I have attempted to make video tutorial series about vim, which might come in handy to retain the VIM knowledge.

1. Why Vim

2. Content Normal Mode

3. Undo Redo

4. Motion

5. Operators

6. Text Objects

7. Dot Command

8. Registers

9. Insert Mode

10. Visual Mode

11. Command Mode

12. Macro

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