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Jayson J. Phillips
Jayson J. Phillips

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Enter 16 new Full Stack Developers!

While in the midst of trying to flatten the curve with our shelter-in-place order in California, I was fortunate enough to have 16 bright spots during this time. They are the 16 awesome developers who just completed their final projects in the Full Stack web development cohort I taught at University of Denver!

Over the last 6 months, these students have been through all the ups-and-downs that comes with learning how to write code for the first time, complete with snow storms and a global pandemic unfolding.

I'm extremely proud of not only the work these students put in, but their dedication to getting over the finish line. And their final projects did not disappoint!

Once I've secured the proper consent, perhaps I'll share a bit more about their awesome final projects and the work they've all done, but until then, not only do I wish to welcome them to the awesome field of web development, two of them have already secured their future development roles!

This is why I teach. The journeys each of these students have taken weren't the most traditional but it was just as informative, practical and skill-building as required to be a developer in today's market. And they've got 6+ months of remote work and learning experience - something that will be very precious and marketable in the coming months as we all cope with balancing the fact that life must go on with the disruptive, devastating force that the coronavirus pandemic is proving to be.

Cheers to a new class of developers!

And for now, some time off from teaching and scotch await me.

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