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"The University of Barnes and Noble" : Tech Jr. Podcast

jaysonjphillips profile image Jayson J. Phillips Originally published at on ・1 min read

The synopsis for the episode is so perfect that I'm going to share it here:

"Jayson Phillips is a self-proclaimed graduate of the University of Barnes and Noble. This week we talk to Jayson about working for a bootcamp, learning to code, and dig into some fun tech like flutter, Golang, and Rust."

I had a helluva time chatting with Lee Warrick and Edwin Otero about my journey into software development, my why for teaching, why Barnes and Noble will always have a place in my heart, and all the fun, nerdy, techie things that come up when you get 3 developers in a room.

Take a listen over at and the dozens of other great episodes of content Lee & Edwin have cooked up over the past year!

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