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Introducing Vim Un-Alphabet

A while back, chantastic announced and expertly executed a month of screencasts on Vim. The idea was to cover one letter of the alphabet each day, showing off what it does in Vim. Vim Alphabet.

This is dope β€” I’ve been wanting to do a series like this. Excited to tune in!

β€” πŸ”₯ Josh Branchaud πŸ•ΊπŸΌ (@jbrancha) January 3, 2019

I was excited not just to watch, but also because it sparked some creativity I'd been sitting on. I continued to sit on it for about another year, but I'm excited to announce a similar series.

Vim Un-Alphabet

The idea behind this screencast series is to cover the capabilities of all the different non-alphabet, special character keys. I'm about 6 days in and I'm committed to publishing a video a day over the course of April.

If you're an avid Vim user, you may be familiar with cool functionality that a number of the special character keys open up. In this series, I look at the common and the uncommon, so you're sure to learn some new things.

Check out this screencast series and let me know what you think. Here is the twitter thread if you'd rather follow along that way.

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