Rewrote my portfolio in React, feedback appreciated.

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I recently updated my portfolio site portfolio site with with react. I was supersized how quickly I was able to get things going and got to get my feet wet with styled components and CSS Grid, which made life pretty easy.

I am using cloudflare and have noticed that there might be some caching issues so I am hoping to track that down.

Thanks much for checking it out.

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  • /
    • years' does not have an apostrophe
    • too much text when the main container is that wide. make the site thinner or throw in a picture or two

  • /about
    • hyperlinking jackbull328@gmail.com would be a nice touch

  • /Projects
    • inconsistent capitalization on your URLs
    • grid of projects is not centered

  • General
    • <title> is still React App
    • Expected main head bar John Bull ~ Software Engineer to be a / link, it was not
    • the </> would be a nice favicon

Otherwise, I really liked your site!


Thanks, much for taking a look, I appreciate your time. It looks like I have a few fit and finish things to get done.


Glad to help, and good job on the new site 👍


I wonder why everyone uses React and other complicated stuff for their simple static portfolio :) How about a simple html file or even a static page generator which is pure HTML and CSS with a touch of JS?

Anyway you need some extra stuff there it's kind of boring. Home and About should be merged into one page IMO.


Thanks for the feedback, I used React to get some more experience with it. I have definitely used different methods as you say, wordpress, end templates, simple html and css. I think that using different techniques is helpful for showing a potential employer yes I have coded something in technology-x. You know I haven't put much on there in a while so maybe it's time to refresh it as you suggest. Thanks much.


That makes sense. But also think about over-engineering :) I'd rather develop some little web apps like todo list, shopping cart demo etc. to showcase some technology. Rather than using it for a simple static page for no reason.


With JavaScript disabled, no text is shown, not even a static "hi, I'm John Bull" or something. Please use the <noscript> tag wisely.



Weird, I am not sure I've come across that before, I will look into it thanks for taking a look.


I double-checked: There is a <noscript> tag, but uBlock seems to ignore it. Hmm.

However, it states "JavaScript is required" - for no good technical reason. :-)


Optimize your images. The website itself is 5MB, but for what? You are using huge images and you are display them in 200x200. Fix 'em :)


I think your portfolio site is great, though a small profile picture on the home page would make it look even better. I know u got a picture on your about page.


Thanks, that's good advice. I think I have a photo of me talking at a meetup that might be cool.

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