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Blog Backlogged On Day 3

I can finally see why people enjoy using Twitter along their busy lives. Despite enjoying writing long-form content more, I have neglected to post anything on any of my blogs because I prioritized my time onto HypeTracker and work instead.

I am now going to summarize my days along with thoughts about them further along my development (for reference this is day 6 of my challenge at the time of publishing)

Day 3 of 100DaysOfCode

Finished adding mutators and relationships in Laravel using their Eloquent ORM (incorrectly). I have created applications in PHP before but I was too familiar with Object-Oriented Programming languages where more boilerplate classes like Data Access Objects existed.

Laravel provides a lot of implicit conversions based on field and function names which actually saves a lot of scaffolding time. (still not sure how another developer can come into the project and know the Model structure though)

Ended up having to edit my commits a few times on a PR branch and force push haha.

A lot of force pushes on this branch

So the trick to editing previous commits is this git command:

// Replace 'x' with the number of commits prior 
// to current head that you want to edit.
// You can find the number of commits with git log 
// or even replace HEAD with the commit id.

$ git rebase -i HEAD~x
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It brings up a list of commits along with instructions for replacing the pick keyword with the action that you want to do (the ones I use most frequently are edit for changing the commit and reword to just change the commit message).

HOWEVER there are dangerous implications to force pushing rebased commits and I would not recommend it unless it's your own branch / has not been pushed publicly. More details here

Because this is a personal / hobby project I just left it in.

Keep up with my journey on Twitter @justinhodev!

Project Repository (PR referenced above):

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