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Using The Cloud As Your Mobile Workstation

Day 5 of 100DaysOfCode

Created some test cases for HypeTracker's sneaker API endpoints and also made it pass after creating the route, resource and controller! Test driven development wasn't so hard after all. This style of development ensures that I had planned out the response I wanted out of my route.

Had to work away from home today for personal reasons but my laptop could not handle running the Homestead virtual machine without sounding like a jet engine (oh the woes of a thin and light laptop).

If you're in this situation, take advantage of the cloud!

How the Cloud can Help

I know, I know, the cloud is just another computer. However, that's where the power of cloud comes in for individual users. The cost of running a 2 core / 8 gb RAM virtual machine on Digital Ocean (can be any cloud, I just happened to have free credits on there) for an 8 hour work day was only $3.46!

Digital Ocean Bill After Using a Virtual Machine for a Day

(The Volumes part of the bill was only this much because I accidentally left it running for a few days instead of destroying it)

I was able to take advantage of both the network speed of the machine, as well as the ability to snapshot the machine for backups and restoration while working on my own machine independently.

Snapshots are Digital Ocean's Full Machine Backup

So if you're ever out working with a thin client, just a laptop, but need more compute power, consider spinning up a cloud virtual machine just for the day!

If you happen to want to test out Digital Ocean, use my referral link for $100 credit.

Follow my journey on Twitter @justinhodev!

GitHub logo jcsho / hype-tracker

Full stack web application to read data from public APIs (Twitter, Reddit) and form visualizations


Current Version Codacy Badge StyleCI License FOSSA Status

HypeTracker is a data aggregator application for social media 'impressions' on sneakers bought and sold in the aftermarket.

See my blog detailing what HypeTracker is and why I am refactoring it

Changelog / Goals for V2

  • migrate database schema see PR #4
  • migrate internal sneakers API see PR #7
  • migrate front-end see PR #17
  • deploy as demo / push as v2
  • add social media api scraping

Getting Started



  • PHP ^7.3
  • Composer ^1.10.13
  • Vagrant ^2.2.10 (with your choice of virtualization layer)
  • (example) VirtualBox ^6.1.14 (with Vagrant's VirtualBox provider)
$ git clone
$ cd hype-tracker

# Install Composer Dependencies
$ composer install

# Prepare config for Homestead
$ composer homestead

# Provision the VM
$ vagrant up

# SSH into Vagrant Box
$ vagrant ssh
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coming soon

Database Entity Relationship Model

ER Diagram


FOSSA Status

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