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100 Days of Code: Day 1

Starting off day 1 of #100DaysOfCode

Setup my Laravel 8 development environment with Vagrant and Homestead. Moved the existing HypeTracker database using the migrations feature. Really great documentation and tooling, really impressed by Laravel as a framework.

Don't knock off PHP! Frameworks such as Laravel and upcoming PHP 8 makes it extremely relevant for any developer.

Read why I'm refactoring an old project here.

Also managed to sneak in a leetcode easy but I'm proud to say I completely botched it haha.

LeetCode Attempts
Submission Performance

Lesson learned - I've gotten way too rusty at these since my last interview. Will have to brush up on algorithms.

If you are reading this, try taking the #100DaysOfCode challenge or comment what programming related task you were up to today!

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