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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

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How to make your first Open Source contribution in few seconds

Just found this repo first-contributions that looks really scary. When you want to start this is just way too complicated. But doesn't have to be.

Here are steps how to make your first contribution in just few seconds without installing anything.

  1. You need to have GitHub account, so create one if you don't have already.
  2. Find project you want to contribute.
  3. Search the project to find interesting part.
  4. Find the file and click the edit button. Edit file on GitHub
  5. Save the file by describing what you've changed.

Commit changes directly from GitHub

I suggest when starting to find easy changes, like grammar errors in README or in code comments. Later you can learn about Git and do this the proper way, but if you just want to get started this is the easy way.

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