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Tea Break Challenge, Day #3

Tea Break Challenge, Day #3
Our internal expectations rarely perfectly predict what will happen in our external experiences. Write down three occasions something unexpected has happened to you recently.

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Jean-Michel (agent double)
  1. My wife and I visited Japan this year for the first time, a long dream of her. Just before the trip, she broke her back, we went anyway. What could have been beautiful, was beautiful but painful at the same time.
  2. I've quit my job last year. It felt so hard (what will the company do without me? will my friends there feel betrayed? what if I failed at my new job?) but it turned out to be a non-brainer.
  3. I thought I was too old to start learning the guitar since all my friends playing the guitar have been doing it for 15 years at least. It turned out it's just lots of work and lots of fun.