How do you monitor the usage of your API endpoints?

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EDIT: so I'm now thinking of releasing a cloud app that can be used to monitor API usage. Any interested beta testers drop me a message below :-)

Day to day I develop a reasonably large web API used by quite a few different clients. It was put together almost 2 years ago now when I had very little consideration of monitoring or auditing.

My current focus is on the usage of certain API endpoints. What is your practice for auditing the usage of a certain endpoint?

For context, I'ts a .NET API and the API is distributed across multiple non-related clients systems. Ideally I'd like to push the results to ElasticSearch.

I feel like a custom piece of middleware is the best option, but am a little concerned about performance.


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I am still working with a small team, and we just usually monitor it through google sheets, and because of that I've always wanted to create an open source system and share it to developers community.


Yeah it's an interesting idea. A cloud based utility would be quite a nice thing to have.

I might make a start on an open source project this evening :-)


If you can generate an OpenAPI spec for your api, Google Cloud Endpoints can start doing this for you with very little setup and for virtually no cost.


Thanks for the input Brandin :-) I'll have a look into that

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