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How to be anti-racist , according to Black folks who work in tech

It's been another tough week, amongst many in the last ten years where black, brown and queer people of colour are inundated with requests and commentary on the heightened awareness of what the world realizes is their daily experience, at least for the duration of the news cycle.

I want to direct us to the voices of people that have been speaking out on the issue for years. If you would like to support, please follow them and give their media a read. Don't just like this post.

Bookmark their links, follow them online, use them to find more resources, or act on their suggestions. Doing anti-racism is very difficult and challenging, and the ideas that are featured in so many company statements all started from their experiences.

The Failed Allyship of the Booming Tech Industry By Pariss Athena

White Guyde To The Galaxy and Save the Tears: Save the Tears: White Woman's Guide by Tatiana Mac

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I still liked the post.

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