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Jen Chan
Jen Chan

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Well hey, I'm still coding.

I began/continue to code because...

of artistic vanity. I came of age in Neopets and Myspace :D

Eventually I wanted to animate things in browser instead waiting to export videos.

Almost everyday I see something that makes our lives easier and think, "I wish I made that".
I am really impressed by the ACLU video app for recording police brutality, Daniel Shiffman's Coding Train.

So I wanted to become an amazing developer so I could make software for social causes.

I got better at dev because I wanted to make a livable wage.

I recently overcame...

my fear of databases
my fear of deploying
my fear of being a shitty dev forever

I want to brag about...

how I handle failure and address conflicts.
how I'll try over and over til something works.

My advice for allies to support women who code is....

Listen to and hang out with people who aren't like you.
Make a wikipedia page for someone you know, and try your hand and maintaining it.
Offer advice only when they ask for it.

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