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Day 18 of #100DaysOfCode: Create Sitemap to Improve SEO

Jen-Hsuan Hsieh
6+ year work experience in the software engineering field. 2+ year work experience with front-end JavaScript framework like React.js, Knockout.js. and Microsoft solution.
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Sitemap can't really improve SEO for the website. However, it can make sure that search engine includes every pages of the website.


1. Generate sitemap for the website

The sitemap.xml has to include all pages. We can use sitemap generator to generate sitemap if the website is too large.

  • Put one page's URL one the input box and click start
    Alt Text

  • Then the site generator will scan the website and shows all pages
    Alt Text

  • The following example shows the format of the sitemap

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

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  • Put the sitemap.xml in the root folder. Make sure that others can visit sitemap under the domain.

2. Submit the Sitemap to Google Search Console

That's it!


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