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Can This iOS Dev Build a Chat App in Just 5 Minutes?

One of the most impactful benefits of buying chat for your app rather than building chat from scratch is accelerated time to market. Experienced devs know that a basic messaging functionality can take months or even years to implement — and that’s not factoring in the long-term maintenance resources and chat scaling challenges once your app begins to add more users.

Using a chat API is an increasingly popular way devs are quickly adding messaging to their apps with impressive scaling potential: Apps built with the Stream Chat API, for example, can establish a robust messaging experience that can support millions of users in just a few weeks.

But I wanted to know: How fast could a senior developer integrate the Stream Chat API to build a messaging app?

We reached out to Alex Nagy, co-founder and CTO of Rebeloper, to learn if he could add chat to his iOS app in as little as five minutes using the Stream iOS Swift SDK.

Give his video tutorial a watch, and follow along with Alex by signing up for your free Stream Chat trial.

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