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Use the JIRA API to Post Tickets to JIRA

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A while ago, I built this super basic Sinatra app to post tickets to JIRA. Here’s the use case: you have non-technical people who are part of your company/team that need to be able to add bugs to JIRA. However, they aren’t putting the right information into the ticket. Here comes this super basic app. To get it running, you just need to update .env with your JIRA username, password, and project key. However, I would recommend changing it to use OAuth. Right now, the form is very simple and, if you decide to use this, I would highly recommend you update it to ask for whatever information you want. Just don’t forget to update the JSON in sinatra_jira.rb! This application is completely open source - feel free to copy any of it for any reason, whole or partial. Let’s dig in a bit and do a quick overview of how Sinatra works.

To start off, the Gemfile is minimal. The biggest thing is that I’m using dotenv, a super useful gem that helps manage environment variables using .env files. Other than that, rubocop, sinatra, and we are using thin for the server.

The main file (sinatra-jira.rb) contains the routes and the actions. It’s basically a combination of a controller and routes file all in one. The initial get just displays the form and all the work happens in post. Even that is fairly simple though… we just take the field contents and put them in the form that the JIRA API wants.

The form is pretty simple too and really ugly. I would definitely recommend adding some styling and don’t be like me… internal users deserve nice looking apps too! Since the problem I was facing was that I wasn’t getting the right information, I made sure to put examples in the form to increase the chance that I would get the information that I need.

This is a SUPER basic response. Don’t miss that we are passing key to the response. That is the issue key which, depending on how much your end users use JIRA, might be useful to include.

Hope this was somewhat useful in some way. I’d love to see feedback too!

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Tyrone Mapp

Cool idea. Too right internal users deserve nice apps too :)

I'm just starting down the Jira app dev route, digging up my old dev skills. Never done API work before though. I assume you wrote this in RoR? - one of my nagging questions with the Jira API App work is what can i / do i develop the app using - does it work ok with PHP, or is something else better etc.. :)