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Query NetSuite Data through ODBC in Node.js

Use node-odbc to execute SQL queries against NetSuite data from Node.js.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows you to run JavaScript code outside of a browser. With the CData ODBC Driver for NetSuite, you can access live NetSuite data from Node.js apps and scripts. In this article, we walk through installing node-odbc and the required tools to create a simple Node.js app with access to live NetSuite data.

Introducing the CData ODBC Driver

With built-in optimized data processing, the CData ODBC Driver offers unmatched performance for interacting with live NetSuite data in Node.js. When you issue complex SQL queries from Node.js to NetSuite, the driver pushes supported SQL operations, like filters and aggregations, directly to NetSuite and utilizes the embedded SQL engine to process unsupported operations client-side (often SQL functions and JOIN operations).

Connecting to NetSuite Data

If you have not already done so, provide values for the required connection properties in the data source name (DSN). You can use the built-in Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator to configure the DSN. This is also the last step of the driver installation. See the "Getting Started" chapter in the help documentation for a guide to using the Microsoft ODBC Data Source Administrator to create and configure a DSN.

The User and Password properties, under the Authentication section, must be set to valid NetSuite user credentials. In addition, the AccountId must be set to the ID of a company account that can be used by the specified User. The RoleId can be optionally specified to log in the user with limited permissions.

Configuring the ODBC Connection to NetSuite

See the "Getting Started" chapter of the help documentation for more information on connecting to NetSuite.

Building node-odbc

In order to connect to NetSuite through the CData ODBC Driver, you need to build node-odbc manually (after installing the required tools).

Installing the Required Tools

The following commands install the tools required to build node-odbc (note the -g parameter, which installs the tools globally).

> npm i -g windows-build-tools
> npm i -g node-gyp
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Building node-odbc

After installing the required tools, create a directory for the Node.js app and install odbc (which builds the binary for us to use in our Node.js script).

> mkdir nodeodbc
> cd nodeodbc
> npm i -g node
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Querying NetSuite from Node.js

With the ODBC Driver installed, a DSN Configured, and node-odbc built, we are ready to query live NetSuite data from a Node.js app. The sample code below connects to a specific DSN and queries the SalesOrder table.


const odbc = require('odbc');

async function queryNetSuite() {
  const connection = await odbc.connect(`DSN=CData NetSuite Source`);
  const data = await connection.query('SELECT Industry, AnnualRevenue FROM Account WHERE Annual Revenue > 0');

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Once you write the app, use node to execute the script:

> node myscript.js
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Sample program results

Download a free, 30-day trial of the CData ODBC Driver for NetSuite and start working with your live NetSuite data in Node.js. Reach out to our Support Team if you have any questions.

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andreasneuman profile image

Usually, I'm using ODBC drivers by Devart, this connectivity solution is pretty decent.

marcode_ely profile image
Marcos Aguilera Ely


I'm suffering with ODBC implementation in Nodejs and Unix (MAC OS X) server, could please tell if this works for OS X / Linux?

Thanks a lot.

jerodimusprime profile image
Jerod Johnson

Hi Marcos,

CData has ODBC drivers that are built for Unix and for OS X. You can read more here:

If you have any other questions, let me know!