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One language?

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Do you spend all/most of your time with one language/tech stack?

In my day job, I work in data analysis, programming in VBA and R. For my side-hustle, I manage a site with a MEEN tech stack. In my free time, I create apps in Swift, manage websites with jekyll and MERN, and try to learn and adapt.

However, I see some folks who have deep knowledge in one code base and don't seem to switch constantly. I'm curious, what portion of folks work exclusively or almost exclusively in one language/tech stack.

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I'm a frontend dev, and also heavily interested in the design process, so what I'm doing is sticking with JavaScript as it has a huge variety what I can do with it without learning a huge amount of new stuff. I can easily adapt to new stuff like React, Vue, Svelte, headless CMS, or even stuff like node.js


Thanks for your answer - I agree that it is relatively easy to adapt between javascript based things. What percent of your time for work and not work is javascript (if you had to put a thumb on it)?


right now - maybe about 65% πŸ˜…
lot of react projects


I try and keep the same stack as much as possible as for me mastering one or two things is more enjoyable than clunking my way through 12.


Thanks for your answer - does that mean that your work is consistently supporting a single stack? What is your most constant bit of stack?


At work I use python and angularjs for legacy reasons. I tend to not try to hard to master angularjs as it's obsolete now. The python side I have tried to build a really nice ecosystem and it has worked out well.

I would say python is the most constant.

nice. I like python, too. I haven't been using it lately, though.

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