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Iteration with the Previous Result

I am working with zip archives and wanted to create an archive for my unittesting. This creation does no touch the file system so I need to specify the structure.

To facilitate directory structure I'll need to archive the directory tree. Actually for my purposes it looks like I don't but that isn't the point.

I put together this range which allow for create each stage of directory, With Previous.

    import std.path;
    import std.algorithm;
    static assert(r"foo/bar/foobar".pathSplitter

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I specify a path as a string and use pathSplitter to provide each part of the path.

I feed this to my withPrevious range and utilizes buildPath to create a OS specific path from components.

The result is equal to each part built on the previous. I don't think I will utilize this for my unittests, but I do like what this provides and is not specific to paths or strings.

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