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Sean Hellum
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Android development with VSCode

How would one develop an android app with vscode without using android studio is this even possible?

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Brad Veenvliet

What are you building and why do you prefer Vscode? Is there a technical reason you cannot use Android Studio? Or is it just a familiarity thing?

Android Studio is multi platform, free and in my opinion, the best way to start learning Android development and writing native Android applications.

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pronab pal

Well one simple good reason I can think of any one would want to come out of Android Studio is it is too slow for building Mobile App in this day and age ; it may be an engineering master piece - but heck what is the use of it for true developers who just one to use it as a tool - if it takes ages to see the effect of coding in the real App?

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android studio is much heavier

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Shyamin Ayesh

yes, It's possible. I'm using VSCode for Android development using Java in Arch Linux environment. :-)

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Sagar Kumar Bala

Can u plz explain, how can I do the same???

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Marcos Fonseca

I'm interested on how to use vscode for android development

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Saurabh Sharma

If you are a beginner and familiar with web development, you can start with expo.

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Sean Hellum

What tools would I need?