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Master the World of Golang - Issue #12

Weekly · Maarten Bezemer · July 22 · Join for free or add the newsletter rss

Master the World of Go. Each week Maarten Bezemer serves the finest articles about the theories, trends, tools and topics.

Maarten uses Go to build the back-end of developer platform Jexia. Are you an advanced user? Stay ahead with his Golang Ninja Newsletter.


Go modules lands in Go 1.11 Go 1.11 (expected to be released in August 2018) adds experimental support for modules. Let’s take a look and see what this means for Go developers.

Taking Go modules for a spin

I wanted to play with Ubuntu 18.04 on a spare machine. This gave me an excuse to try out the modules feature recently merged into the Go 1.11 development branch.


Building Go from source

Before we can become Go contributors, the very first step is being able to build Go from source.

Types in Go and Python

Despite of other properties programming languages are statically typed (eg. GO) and dynamically typed (eg. Python).

Goroutines on merge sort

I had to use multithreading to implement one of the sorting algorithms bucket sort, merge sort and bitonic sort. I used Goroutines to implement the merge sort.

Beginners guide to testing in GoLang

I recently started learning GoLang and spent some time in learning about the various testing concepts in GoLang.


Writing a simple REPL in Go

I want to show how easy is to write a simple REPL in Go. REPLs are quite popular in Functional Programming community like Scala, Clojure, and Haskell.

Basic Redis examples with Go

Redis is pretty great. It is the #1 most loved database for the second year in a row, according to a recent Stack Overflow survey.

Writing Go middleware for AWS Lambda

This post assumes a base level of knowledge in AWS Lambda functions written in Go.

From Ruby to Golang — Ruby ‘each’ equivalent in Go

We create an array with 4 items, then using each, we create a block iterating over the fruits array, with a local variable fruit, then we print the value of fruit using puts.


Read files using Golang Learn how to read an entire file and also how to read a file in small chunks using Go. This tutorial also deals with bundling static files inside go binaries.

How to write testable Golang code

In this article, the emphasis is on how to write the testable code and how to block out some unrelated operations.

Get started with GoLang maps: a tutorial GoLang is an increasingly popular programming language with a unique approach to data manipulation. Here we look at how GoLang maps are programmed.

Follow a Kubernetes and Go tutorial in your home lab The container orchestration tool Kubernetes is based on Google's Go language. Use Minikube in this Kubernetes and Go tutorial to manage application dependencies.


Contributing to Go with go-critic

We’ve verified golang/go repository and have send few patches, that are fixing found problems. In this post, we will inspect the suggested changes.

Project Athens: the Components

You get package from Athens, not directly from Github. Athens got it from Github, but it stores the package in its own place.

Pure-Go small home internet router

Router7 is a pure-Go implementation of a small home internet router. It comes with all the services required to make a fiber7 internet connection work (DHCPv4, DHCPv6, DNS, etc.).

Introducing prose v2.0.0: bringing NLP to Go

We’re pleased to announce the v2.0.0 release of prose, a natural language processing (NLP) library for Go.

Talks about Golang

Getting to Go: journey of Go's garbage collector

Go features goals and use cases have forced us to rethink the entire garbage collection stack and led us to a surprising place. This talk describes our journey.

Episode 124. nil and AST · Episode 124. nil and AST ·

Episode 124 [en]. nil and AST. Bonus: an Interview with @bradfitz and @bketelsen at @GopherConRu.

Weekly · Maarten Bezemer · July 22 · Join for free or add the newsletter rss

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