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JFrog & Shippable – The Synergy

In the video below we talk about JFrogShippable acquisition and did our best to answer some of the questions, we got over the last couple of weeks.

What is Shippable?

Shippable provides software organizations with the ability to optimize and accelerate the process of shipping software by giving them an “Assembly Lines” platform that borrows concepts from the world of manufacturing and helps them easily achieve Continuous Delivery. Cutting-edge modern companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Netflix have already built homegrown versions of Assembly Lines after spending years of effort and millions of dollars. You can ship applications as rapidly as these companies by leveraging Shippable.


JFrog’s solution is a fully automated pipeline for distributing trusted software releases. It connects all developers and DevOps engineers to end devices and ensures software flows quickly and free from interruption. There are many good (starting) points of integration and it can be customized to the current needs of your company. For more about the enterprise platform read here:

So Where is the synergy?

There are many benefits to all the current users of Artifactory, X-Ray and other JFrog products. The ability to leverage the meta-data integration and to use it in your CI/CD pipelines is one advantage. There are few mores and the plans are really existing. Please check the video below for the full details.

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