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Why and when should your company send you to a tech conference?

I'm a junior dev at a small non-tech company, and have just convinced my boss to send me to a tech conference (React Conf is happening for the first time in Japan!).

In return, I'm attempting to set some standards as to why and when the company should send/support someone to a tech conference, for future occasions.

Some of the criteria I have in mind:

  • Does the conference focus on single technology, or some broader field (eg. Blockchain)?
  • Does the company currently use the tech, if not would it be reasonable to invest in it for future usage?
  • Some sort of output, whether it be a blog post or a lightning talk (this should probably be crystal clear)

Here are some questions I'm having:

  • Do you think dev employers should support devs attending conferences? What are your reasons?
  • If your organization has a clear guideline/standard, what do/should they look like?

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